How to add TV connected USB drive to Infuse sources?


I have Infuse 6 installed running on Apple TV 4K that is connected to Sony Bravia 4K X8500G TV.

There is also a 3 TB NTFS formated drive connected to the TV (I used built in Sony App or VLC to play the contents). How could I add this drive infuse? The TV and Apple TV are networked to the same router.

Any advice is appreciated.


Your tv would need to be able to serve out files. I don’t know much about the Sony TVs but I know LG models can’t do this. You’ll probably have to hook the drive up to a computer or router and share the drive out that way.

Indeed this is a possible way but -

There is a performance problem with playing UHD movies located on NAS through Infuse/Apple TV. They are stuttering from time to time. No problem with 1080p /Blu Ray. I found Infuse on Apple TV a bit slower than VLC playing on Sony TV, but the fastest is to run from USB 3 connected drive. No stuttering through VLC.

If you’re getting stuttering on 4K when playing from a NAS then you’re Network isn’t fast enough. Hardwire to Ethernet and share out via FTP.

It is a slight stutter but noticeable. Both devices and the TV are plugged into the same 1gb ethernet router ports, NAS uses 2 ports. I am not sure where the bottleneck is, but VLC on Android TV playing from NAS feels a bit faster, still not as good as playing from the USB drive. I need Infuse to play BDMV folders ripped from my Blu Rays. VLC can play m2ts files but not the folders.

Share out through FTP instead of SMB or NFS. Also if it’s a synology NAS and you have both ports plugged in there can be some issues if the router doesn’t fully support their implementation of whatever synology uses. I had massive problems with my orbi. I ended up ditching it and using proper LACP trunking with a real managed switch.

Thanks for the idea. Never thought about FTP (seems so rudimentary). I hope my Synology supports it.

It will. Also if you’re not trunking the two ports together on your router going dual NIC on the synology isn’t worth it unless your streaming out to more than two devices at a time.