How to actually load a movie via ftp?

Hi everyone. I just got ATV Flash. So far, seems to be working as advertised. HOWEVER, when I connect to the ATV via ftp, I can see the directories just fine. But when I go to drag a movie from my local drive into the MOVIES folder on the ATV, I get an error message that says I don’t have access privileges or something to that effect. I’ve tried this several times, each time with the same effect.

Can anyone tell me the secret to actually getting my movies transferred to the ATV movies directory?



Which program are you using to transfer the file?

What type of files are you attempting to transfer?

The recommended programs for Mac are CyberDuck and Fugu for transferring data to the Apple TV. For the PC the recommended program is WinSCP. If you are not using those, it is possible a setting is off or you need to try the steps here: Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions.

I’m using transmit 2.3. It connects me just fine. Just won’t let me drag .mov files to the movies folder.