How to activate collections?

In the latest release notes for 6.4.8 is support for emby collections. But I dont know how to activate it? My movies are separated as usual. The setting for collections is already enabled.

With Collections activated, your Emby collections will appear in the Library.

Library > Movies > Collections
Library > Movies > All Movies

I activated the library and the entries for collections and all movies appear. But the collections are empty.

Have you tried rescanning of your library? i.e clear Metadata

Maybe a silly question, but do you have any collections created in Emby?

This new addition allows for Infuse to read collection info from Emby, but it will not automatically group items that are not already part of a collection within Emby.

In Emby collections are created.
I have cleared the metadata und uninstalled infuse. Nothing helps. No collections.
Is there a way on the ATV4k to uninstall apps and to clear ALL userdata from this app to start from scratch?

I know how to uninstall apps from Apple TV. But it seems that not all Userdata is cleared while uninstalling apps.

After you delete the app you’ll probably have to go to your iCloud management and delete the Infuse data there also.

If you have a Mac you can go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Manage… and there select Infuse and choose Delete Documents and Data.

Then when you reinstall Infuse you should be at square one.

Maybe you are looking at the wrong place?

If you go into your library and the dive deeper into movies → collections there is nothing?

How can I manage data in iCloud with just a browser? I cant find anything to manage the installed apps. I dont have another apple device.

When I go to library - movies - collections there is nothing.

After you delete the app I believe you can log in at and delete app data there.

Did you read elchupete’s post?

Just making sure you’re looking in the right place for the movies.

If you go to
Settings → Share → Your Emby Server → add favourite → Collections - Do you see any collection there?

If I go to Settings → Share → Your Emby Server → add favourite there is no entry for collections (only movies, tv shows, recordings and home movies). But that is just like in emby itself. So this is normal.

OK, you answered that before, but are you sure, that you have collections in your Emby Library?

To me it looks as if there are no collections if you do not see collections.

If you log in to your Emby via Emby Web interface and go to settings → library Do yo see any Library that has collections?

Collections are there:

OK, hat der Benutzer mit dem Du Dich in Infuse mit der Emby Bibliothek verbindest Zugriff auf die Sammlungen?

In Emby unter Benutzer → Zugang → entweder Erlaube Zugriff auf alle Biblitheken oder aber den Haken bei Sammlungen setzen.

Short in english: I guess, that the user connecting to Emby does not have access to collections.

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Yes. Thats it. The user had no access to collections. Now everything is fine. Thank you very much ! :grinning:

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