How to access to my media files from outside?

I have an older MacMini with Sierra in use as a webserver for my private blog. It is set up with MAMP and a dyndns service from my provider. But I also use that MacMini as the local media archive for Infuse on the AppleTV. Just with the simple file sharing option from macOS. (SMB)

Now I would like to make this media archive also available over the Internet so that I’ve access from an outside location to my media files. I know Plex or similar could be a solution, but I prefer only a simple file sharing over the web. Of course in a protocol that Infuse will understand. How I have to set this up? Thanks for the help!

This users guide may give you a good starting point.

The way I do it is with a Wireguard VPN on a raspberry pi. Your router may also offer a VPN service. You can also open (forward) a port I guess but a VPN is a more secure method, plus you don’t have to configure Infuse for remote streaming separately.

Thanks for the suggestion. But the article mainly describes the thing about dyndns (what I already have) and the configuration on a Apple Airport device. But what I need is, how to make specific folders of the MacMini available on the web. It was very easy to setup MAMP and Wordpress for my private blog. I don’t understand why it seems to be that complicated to do the same just for simple file access of specific folders.

VPN seems also not to be the solution I’m looking for because it seems complicate to setup and it needs a setup on both sides. Server and client. And a further device…

What I found on my research for example is this, but I don’t know if it is what I’m looking for or if it is a save software:

You’re going to run into problems if you want to keep your watch status synchronized if you access your external and internal from different IP addresses or host names.

You can use your External dns hostname as a common access point for your media but you’ll want to make sure your router supports hairpin NAT (most ISP and consumer routers are junk and don’t) or your internal DNS allows for creating static entries so you can put a zone in for your DynDNS that points toward the internal IP of your Mac mini instead of the external IP.

If you don’t do this traffic will go out your WAN and then back in which can cause bandwidth issues.