How to access individual chapters/test patterns, e.g. on ISO'd video calibration disk?

I have a video calibration disk (Spears and Munsil) that contains a large number of test patterns. It is saved as an ISO. It launches and plays fine on my ATV. However, I have not found a way to access any of the test patterns, but only what seems to be the demo intro clip. It is a few minutes long, while the disk contains content for about 2 hrs. I can access the various pattern via the disk’s menu just fine with another steaming device, but want to do it with the ATV-Infuse to check the calibration here.
Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

These can be accessed through the ‘Titles’ option found in the Video tab of the Playback Menu.

To access the Playback Menu on Apple TV simply swipe down while a video is playing.

Thanks for the quick reply, @james .

I just retried it. It does not seem to work with this Spears & Munsil Calibration disk.

I only see a bunch of seemingly the same titles - at least the ones I have tried also were the same demo.

(I also tried different Chapters, but this did not help.)

When I tried on a different disk that contains a few episodes of a TV show above steps worked.

What else could I try?

BTW, is there some plugin or ? to enable the full menu support for Infuse. I searched and found older posts that this was not supported. Maybe it is now. For s.o. who watches a lot of disks containing episodes having this feature it crucial.