How to access firmware signature backup?

Hey All,

ATV Flash (Black) includes a handy option for backing up your firmware signatures, but I’m wondering how you go about getting access to these backup to do something useful with them?

That is, is it necessary to SSH into the ATV2 and retrieve the SHSH blobs from somewhere? Meaning you can then use them sign firmware and restore your ATV2 (should you ever need to)

If not, how do Firecore expect you to use these firmware signature backups? If the firmware signatures are backed up to a Firecore server, then again, how do you access these backups?


If you have a Windows computer you can download a Microsoft tool called USBView ( When you connect your AppleTV to your computer you need to put it into DFU Mode. In the USBView program you will see a bunch of USB devices. Look for one that says Apple TV DFU Mode (on the right). On the right pane you will see ECID value; copy this number.

Download Tiny Umbrella and manually create a device and put in the ECID value; you will be able to download all of the SHSH blobs stored on the Cydia server.