How should I name this TV show so the metadata captures it?

I have a file named 9-1-1 S01E01.mp4 but I have to edit metadata for it to properly select the TV show.

If you search thetvdb they have a similar problem where the first result is not correct. It’s the 2nd result.

What should I name the file so that it correctly captures that 9-1-1 2018 TV show without having to edit the metadata?

I believe that 9 space 1 space 1 space S01E01 should grab it without edit (see example below) but if you edit the metadata once with the current name Infuse will remember that for future episodes too so you could leave it as is if you like.

Example “9 1 1 S01E01.mp4”

I’m not sure what you can do per se, but what NC Bullseye said is correct from personal experience. Editing a file once and similar ones will follow suit without further user interaction. I really wish tv metadata can be fetched if you add the year into the file name like movie ones.