how set movies series in subfolder in the NAS

hi All,


Second question  

i got a nas  and on the nas i made a subfolder Video in that folder i got 2 folders  Movies and Series

but when i say find external drive it finds my Synoligy (nas) SMB  oke fine that works but i cant “tell” the aplication no dont search metadata on the whole drive.

no only search in the folders  Movies and Series,  be course i cant select the folders when i attach my nas to the firecore app.


has anyone an idea how this is possible?




To add a specific folder to the Library (instead of an entire share) you can setup a new share by entering the folder path after the device name. E.G. MyNas.local\Files\Movies


Should we handle folder names with spaces in any particular fashion? i.e. using " or / ?

I don’t think you’ll need to do anything special.

‘MyNas.local/Files/My Movies’ should work just fine.

One note, depending on the source device you may need to use one slash type instead of the other - ‘’ or ‘/’.

Neither / nor \ worked for me - it still scans everything on the drive  :( please can you advise?


Thanks J

What is the folder path you are using?

Thanks for quick response James, am using:

My Passport Mac/Apple TV Media

not ideal with all the spaces but it does pick up the files…