How many of you are using the library?

Hi guys,

Infuse collects all movies and shows into a general library.
How many of you are actually using the library (on their homescreen as favorites). And how many of you are using direct directories as favorites?

I am not sure, which is better.
On the one hand, library is cool, but I barely using filters etc., on the other hand I am more flexible with my own NAS directory favorites, but don‘t have as much options as with the library.

What are your opinions?

I use library for almost everything except specific items I don’t want included such as Shorts and Christmas movies. For those I added a favorite to home screen and excluded from library.


I rarely use the library as there are too many titles to scan over to find something.
I created collections by using favourites to make it easier to find what I’m looking for.

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So with each nea title, you have to manually add it to the collection, right?

Library mode is too cumbersome once the number of movies gets large. I’m a few over 700 right now. Collections is a choice but it is limited. Best way for me and the entire family is a directory structure where at the top of the grid are the directories (Animation, Chick flicks, Westerns, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc…) with the remaining movies below. Of course this requires the use of an SMB share.

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Hm… I mean, now you make custom collections of your shares, maybe this makes it a little bit more convenient.

Collections from what I gather only work with a Library Share and by doing so I would loose visibility of the directory structure (shown above) which really simplifies things for the entire family. Unless collections can be made to work with an SMB share, they aren’t an option I can take advantage of.

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