How many Apple TV's is my license good for?

Was curious if the ATV Flash license was a household license? Tied to one MAC address?




I guess Household’ is probably the best term for the license. That is good news as many people (like me) who have ATV2’s seem to end up with multiple devices in different rooms within the house.

Yes, a singe copy is all that’s needed.

From the FAQs page (

I have more than one Apple TV, do I need to buy more than one copy?
A single copy can be used on multiple devices provided they are all owned by the same individual and not used for any commercial purposes.


That’s good news. Now I already have ATV Flash (black) on my ATV2 and have already bought the ATV 3 in anticipation of the new update “coming soon”. Will I have to purchase again for the ATV3?

You will not have to buy it again for the ATV3. However from everything that I have seen it is very unlikely that there will be a jailbreak for the ATV3 any time soon (although I would love to be proved wrong).

The problem is finding an exploit in the ATV3 firmware that can be used to iject the code that will be required for a jailbreak to function.  As I understand this that has not yet occurred and there is always the chance it will never happen. 

I agree that FireCore should reword their web site to sound less optimistic until it is at least known that a Jailbreak will definitely be possible.  Past history suggest that a jailbreak WILL eventually appear, but the timescale is indeterminate.