How many actor pics is the right number?

Thank you so much, James! We’ve been looking forward do this. Now we want know users thoughts on the number of actor pics.

In Plex I just checked Batman v Superman and scrolled through more than 100 names, with lots of cameos. Personally, I think around 100 is a good number. James has mentioned that he could add more than we have now, but he wondered if we’d really want to scroll through that many.

How many actors pics do you all think is best? Do we want more than Infuse gives us now?

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For me I rarely ever look beyond the main actor page on IMDB and if I do I’d have no problem at all in going to a web browser and looking.

For Infuse I’d be fine with 18 to 20 which is what IMDB shows on the main page.

I’d rather save the storage resources and screen real estate for upcoming features. :wink:

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Yes. Because Infuse already knows them all, anyway.

I have prosopagnosia (face blindness). I’ll frequently see an actor while watching something and think they might be familiar (but often be unable to place them correctly) and so I’ll try to locate their character name on the details page.

If they aren’t a series regular or major guest star, and sometimes, even if they are, their photo won’t always be displayed.

Yet once I figure out (otherwise) who they are; I can always use Infuse’s search feature, enter their name, and Infuse will return its results, including the title I was watching where their photo is not displayed.

Since Infuse already knows, all the actor/crew photos should always be accessible. Perhaps with a “view all” button at the end of the row, as done with movie / tv thumbnail lists on the Home Screen, if the list includes more entries than can reasonably be displayed.

But since cast and crew already takes up an entire row, I don’t see the harm in letting it scroll as long as it takes to display everyone cited in Infuse’s database for that title or episode.

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But does it save resources? My time using Infuse after turning off my home internet service has proven Cast and Crew photos are only loaded on demand (through a live internet connection).

When I search for an actor or crew member on my Apple TV infuse, the database returns all relevant results, even without an active connection. (The images are default blank thumbnails).

My Infuse already knows the complete cast and crew for every movie or episode I’m watching. It just won’t show them all to me. Very frustrating.

Now that we’ve had headshots for awhile I can conclude that YES, we should be seeing more actor headshots than we do currently. I’ve had to leave Infuse and go to the ATV desktop or Plex several times to get a more complete list.

We alrady have to leave Infuse to go look at a trailer. This is one reason we can fix right now. A “Show More” would be a reasonable comprimise.

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On tvOS the cast and crew bar scrolls off-screen by default. Don’t see it being a screen real-estate issue since allowing more entries on the details page would just allow one to scroll further down the list. But if it is a UI overhead/processing issue, then I agree a “Show More” icon (or “Show All” if you’re going to open up a new page of nothing but head-shots) is the way to go.

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