How many actor pics is the right number?

Thank you so much, James! We’ve been looking forward do this. Now we want know users thoughts on the number of actor pics.

In Plex I just checked Batman v Superman and scrolled through more than 100 names, with lots of cameos. Personally, I think around 100 is a good number. James has mentioned that he could add more than we have now, but he wondered if we’d really want to scroll through that many.

How many actors pics do you all think is best? Do we want more than Infuse gives us now?

For me I rarely ever look beyond the main actor page on IMDB and if I do I’d have no problem at all in going to a web browser and looking.

For Infuse I’d be fine with 18 to 20 which is what IMDB shows on the main page.

I’d rather save the storage resources and screen real estate for upcoming features. :wink:

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