How long does a scan take? (Apple TV)

I have a massive Plex server, and it seems like even 20-30 minutes with the app open it is still spinning and scanning. App feels kinda sluggish as well.

Some more details:
34k movies
4K tv shows

Is it normal for initial scan to take a super long time, hours even? It’s a remote server (not local)

Should I just leave the app and my Apple TV on all night?


Did you disable pre-caching setting in infuse for plex? If you have a lot of items then yes it could take a while but with plex it should be able to copy metadata over and not take as long. But I don’t have personal experience with plex or libraries of that size.

It does take its time. My library “remote” isn’t even near your number and it still takes infuse a good 40-60 minutes to scan the whole thing after clearing all metadata.

Scanning speed will depend on a number of things, namely library size and network speed.

For large libraries, it’s usually best to keep the ‘Pre-Cache’ images option off (under Advanced when viewing the share’s settings). This will speed up fetching, and Infuse will simply fetch images as needed when you browse.

Once the initial scan is complete, subsequent scans will only look at new or changed files so these should be much faster.

Thanks for the replies! I am curious when metadata actually rises in number? Mine says only 1.7gb after running Infuse all night. Does it only rise when viewing an actual movie or content?

Love the app, thanks!

I don’t see that option !! I’m using google drive and WebDAV

This option is only available for media server connections (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin) as these servers have already fetched the artwork.

Adding a similar setting for regular shares is something we plan to explore, but it’s not yet clear if this would provide a pleasant experience.

Is there a log to see what its doing? Still finding the loading icon even after 1-2 minutes on being on home screen

You can go to library settings and see what it is doing.

Very high level sure. I meant debug logging wise on what is it scanning, what part is taking its time. Is it Plex sending updates or Internet speed etc…

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