How long and other questions

I'm new to the FireCore family only having purchased aTV Flash Black a few weeks ago. I haven't tried to install yet because I've been waiting for an untethered JB of 4.2.1 to arrive. I know that GP will release RC6 soon that will allow the ATV2 to be JB. MY question is how long has aTV Flash Black been released in beta form? It seems like a lot of users are having lots of problems with installs etc. Does anyone know how much active work is being done on this release? Do the developers have a timeframe for a final release?  Are there other developers out there that are working on similar products?  I'm a big apple TV fan I would love to see it grow in ways the iPhone has.  Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

We currently have quite a few features under heavy development, and updates are released as they become available (updates can be installed on the AppleTV through the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu). The best way to follow our progress is through our blog.

As a side note, many of the current issues are stemming from the 'tethered' jailbreak which can be a bit unfriendly - fortunately it's looking like an untethered version of Seas0nPass is not far off.