how is the HW decoding and SW decoding when using infuse pro?

one of my friend told me that the Nplayer can work with HW decoding best, Rushplayer following,then the avplayer.
And infuse only can playing MP4 with HW decoding.
I do not thing so. but i dont konw is it true?I really dont like Nplayer. For me ,the Nplayer is not nice. Avplayer and Infuse are nice.
i dont know if im clear to express my question.Please tell me.
Thankes !

Infuse is able to utilize HW decoding for all h.264 content, no matter what container it’s in (mkv, avi, mp4, m4v, etc…)

Also, version 3.0.2 was just released that includes support HW decoding of Hi10P content, which very few players are capable of doing.

Bottom line, Infuse will automatically use HW decoding whenever possible, and there’s no need to choose a decode method manually.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I have seen the version 3.0.2 in the App Store,and already updated.
Thank you very much.