How install the TVos 9.2 beta

Anyone can tell me how to install that in detail?

i know you need a usb type-c cable to connect the apple tv to your computer, then install the file from there. So if you don’t have a usb-c cable then you are out of luck anyways

I know that a USB-C is needed. But I need the procedure.

  1. Download 9.2 IPSW (requires dev account)
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Connect Apple TV via USB-C
  4. Option + click (Mac) or Shift + click (Win) the Restore button and locate the IPSW downloaded in step 1.
  5. Make a cup of tea, and relax.

We need a backup option for the ATV4. Its really a nightmare to install all apps again after “clean” installation.

I think you can also option + click ‘Update’ to keep the Apple TV settings, though YMMV.

Thx. It was indeed simple as such. Bad thing is that all apps (and their settings) need to be reinstalled. No busy loading the beta from Xcode in the hope it will solve side loading problems.

I think you can also option + click ‘Update’ to keep the Apple TV settings, though YMMV.[/quote]
Really? I have to check that out. Never saw a option like that.

Using the tvos 9.2 beta configuration profile to update via OTA, would the apple TV activate normally (Just like ios beta 9.3 does) if I don’t have an active developer account and dont have my ATV UDID registered?

It works fine, didn’t need to have UDID registered

Where can I get this “aTV configuration profile”? I do have an Developer account (unpaid version) but downloading from Apple is being refused.