How Infuse manage "Screencap"?

I’m trying to keep my metadata and artwork up-to-date but it’s not easy … I had to clean them multiple times.

One thing I notice is the screencap ( the picture from the episode) is not updated.

If they are in tvDB are they supposed to be in Infuse or is it not managed at all?

Infuse doesn’t check every file for updated artwork every time you run it, once it has downloaded the metadata and artwork they are cached. If you want the newer more “favorited” artwork you can just do an Edit Metadata on one of the episodes and select the correct series again and Infuse will refresh the Artwork if there is a new favorite on the supporting website.

For the artwork yes, but not the screencap … if you take a TV show, with multiple season it will always use the same one…

in fact they are using the “background” instead of the screencap

All 3 seasons of westWorld are using this one : Artwork -

instead of: Artwork - and there is one per episode…

Ok, now I understand what artwork you’re referring to. :wink:

I’m guessing that the reason Infuse uses the season instead of the episode artwork for the background is that storage would skyrocket having that many additional pics to add to metadata storage and with Infuse sharing memory with every other app that may be too much to add. Isn’t it blurred anyway? I’m not where I can see it first hand.

The reason for this is the episode images on TheTVDB are relatively low res, and wouldn’t look very good in the resolutions Infuse uses…especially on larger iPad screens.

These episode images are used on tvOS since the design allows for smaller sizes.

Thanks James, that’s make sense and yes I notice that on TVOS they are used.
So next question… how are they selected on iOS.
If we stay with the same exemple it’s the second one who is selected and really not fitting to all episodes and seasons… can it be also replaced by a local file?

Yes, you can use local fanart images. To do this, you will need to organize your shows info folders. More info here.

thanks James.
When it’s automatically selected , why is the second one selected here: Artwork - ( it’s an exemple …) is it random?

There’s only one vote different between that and first so it may have been in the lead when you fetched that particular metadata. If you do an edit metadata it should update to the first place one.

ok I guess I start to understand the logic … is it correct that on iOS is the “background” who is used and in iPadOs it’s the Posters? And it’s the poster it’s the one from the show not the season?

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