How Infuse handles BDMV .m2ts file order?

There are multiple .m2ts files located in my BDMV folder. I played a few using VLC and noticed some of them are trailers. How does infuse handles these files, does infuse play them in order starting from 00000.m2ts? Does infuse plays the next after finishing? It doesn’t seem to allow me to choose when I play the BDMV.

If you have these files only, without the relevant BDMV folder structure and metadata then Infuse would simply play them in order.

However, if you have these organized in their original BDMV file structure, Infuse would recognize the main folder as the playable item and handle the track selection automatically.

Note: This folder organization won’t be available when connecting using UPnP/DLNA, and there are special naming requirements if you have Smart Folders disabled for other share types.