How Infuse display subtitles on Apple TV?

Hi all

How does Infuse display subtitles on Apple TV 4K 2021?

  1. On the picture / film?

  2. Below the picture / movie?

I want to buy an Apple TV, but I’m not sure how the subtitles are displayed. I’m used to see them below the video (like KODI does on Android). Unfortunately, not all players can do this. For example, Plex or Emby can only display subtitles on image/movie, not below it and i hate it.

The default position would be overlayed on top of the video. However, if your video has embedded black bars then the subtitles will most likely appear there.

You can also adjusts the subtitle position through the Playback Menu, which is available by swiping down while a video is playing.

Note: Some subtitle types will have fixed positions, and cannot be adjusted.

I was able to check on the iPad and it works the way I want.

If it is the same on Apple TV, then I will be pleased.

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