How else to play Dolby Vision files?

Hi guys,

since there are some limitions with the Apple TV, Infuse can’t play some Dolby Vision profiles.
How else are you watch movies? I don’t have another media player or blu ray player etc.
I have a PS5, can it play such files?

You would have to get a new player: shield, Zidoo, dune, etc. only that way you can get both Dolby Vision profile 7 and Atmos

Is there a device that supports all Dolby vision profiles?

If not what’s best streaming device for Dolby.

Lastly, any Windows Dolby vision computers/laptops worth recommending?

Nvidia Shield and I dare say there will be other Android devices they come close to supporting all DV profiles.

Comparison of DV-capable devices:

The nvidia shield does SOME DV profile 7 UHD files where the second DV layer Carrie’s dynamic metadata and nothing else. It requires a special build of kodi to do the playback (or it did not sure if it’s been merged into the main kodi fork). The only reason this is able to happen with the shield is due to work out it on Nvidias site to get better DV support on their boxes.

Here’s the link on kodi.

This is interesting info. I haven’t seen any Profile 7 that doesn’t trigger DV in Plex on the Shield. Be they 4K remux, or 1080p DV encodes.

So the big question is…(and knowing Plex track record for forcing fake DV on the Apple TV)…I’m just lucky that all my profile 7’s are the correct type or is Plex also doing some chicanery on the shield also?

I could understand some nuances with the hybrid releases but I thought they were profile 8?

Plex might be but not kodi.