How does TV-Shows Artwork work?

For Movies, folder.jpg works perfectly.

For TV series, I can’t seem to use folder.jpg to replace the Artwork fetched from TMDb

For example,

Tom and Jerry
    - Tom and Jerry Season 1
        - S01E01 xxxx.mp4
        - S01E02 xxxx.mp4
    - Tom and Jerry Season 2
        - S02E01 xxxx.mp4
        - S02E02 xxxx.mp4
    - Tom and Jerry Season 3
        - S03E01 xxxx.mp4
        - S03E02 xxxx.mp4

Infuse is able to get medadata, group them into 3 Seasons, but the fetched posters for Season1/2/3 don’t look good…

I can’t find a way to use customized folder.jpg as Artwork of each Season, I placed folder.jpg into each Season folder, didn’t work, I renamed it to same as folder name like “Tom and Jerry Season 1.jpg”, didn’t work too.

The same happened to iOS Infuse, if I download all of these files into iPhone, they appear as 3 Seasons but again, how can I change the Artwork?


Bump. I’m an early adopter back to the aTV Flashblack days and can’t seem to get anyone to answer any questions on this. Posed a similar question on this thread: .XML Custom Metadata and Custom Artwork

This issue for me that I cant seem to get and answer to. . . I want my TV shows to be in order by episode. I have put a number ahead of the title i have tried s1e1 etc an nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

markrath, are you using a nomenclature of S01E01 instead of S1E1? That will absolutely make a difference.

As I said, folder.jpg trick does not work for TV series.