How does this program work?

I’ve installed the program successfully. Activated most of the programs, and I still can’t figure out how to play an avi or mkv file from my mac. It says I will be able to play these files, but there is no instructions any where on this site telling me how. I suggest that you create some better support articles in the knowledge base to instruct users how to use the program. I can’t even access my mac files or movie folders with any of the new programs that come with this. Its very confusing and so far worthless to me. I am fairly computer savy and I still don’t get it.

The User Guide for media player is under the support section fo the site at Are you saying that this of no use - if so you probably need to ask more specific questions on what you cannot do.

I go to Media, my files, Teds Mac pro, then all it says is “There are no items for playback”. I go to media settings, manage shares, teds mac pro, test connection, and it says “passed”. I can’t get it to say anything other than “there are no items for playback”. I can’t browse my computer to look for anything.

It sounds as if there is a problem at the Mac end in the way that you have set up the shares to allow the media to be accessed over the network from the ATV2.  A number of people have had problems in getting this right - particularily if they are running OSC Lion.

Questions that might help give you guidance:

  • What version of OSX are you running? 

  • What format is the drive you are trying to share?  I believe that there can be problems getting the share to work correctly if it is not in Apple format (i.e. NTFS and FAT can cause issues).

  • What type of share are you using?  Is it an AFP or Samba (SMB) share that you are trying to use from the ATV2 end?

I am running snow leopard. I did not anticipate it being difficult to do this.

It should not be =O

What about the other two questions - the type of share, and the format of the drive that you are trying to share.

Do you have any other device/PC which you can use to check the visibility of the shares and their containing media independently of the ATV2?

Type of share? Under saved shares, it is SMB, Teds Mac Pro. My main disc drive is formatted for mac. It is the same drive that holds all my itunes files and separate movie files. I could try to share my macbook.

When I try to open media, my files, I now get “an error occured” Could not open dir(smb://Teds-Macpro/). Reason: Invalid argument (22)

I added my macbook pro to shares. Now I go media, my files, Teds MBP, then it says “there are no items for playback”.

Same problem. 


Are you using a username/password when setting up the connection on the AppleTV? Any reason you prefer SMB over AFP?

I am not using a user name or password. I used the that one because it passed, and the other one would not.

Hmm - were you entering your Mac Pro’s username/password login? By default, Mac OS X is setup to share the ‘Public’ folder only unless you are connecting with a username/password.

I did not enter a user name or password into the media player setup. My mac is set to share and works perfectly with ATV as does my macbook pro, which also has sharing on.

Ok - it sounded like you were having trouble getting it to pass a connection test when entering a username/password.

Streaming through Media Player is a little different when compared to the normal AppleTV player as MP will connect on the file level instead of through iTunes.

You may try entering a username/password and see if you get better results.

OK, I uninstalled the media player, then reinstalled it. I entered a user name and password into media, settings, manage shares, teds mac pro, and test connection “passed”.

I Go to Media, my files, teds macpro, and it says “there are no items for playback”.

Can you check to ensure AFP and/or SMB are enabled on your Mac?

Details for enabling these can be found here: Mac OSX Lion share issue - Cannot find SMB or AFP Shares - 2nd gen Apple TV - Firecore

I checked sharing and AFP sharing is enabled. I added username and password to a new AFP share for teds macpro and it now connects to my computer. I just played an MKV successfully. The AVI files plays, but the audio is not supported or screwed up. It is really loud scratchy buzz. At least I have achieved some success!


Is your AppleTV connected to an AV receiver? If not, you will want to disable the AC3 and DTS audio options found in the Media –> Settings menu.