How does the metadata loading work?

First off, a big ‘thank you’. The fact that I can directly play all my content on the Apple TV, is a great relief after dealing with frustrating transcoding issues on Plex. In general, the Infuse app feels more focused and way easier to navigate than Plex.

Now for the ‘but’. I’m a bit confused by the metadata loading in Infuse. I keep pushing the ‘scan for changes’ button to see if it’s finished, but Infuse keeps loading metadata. It doesn’t feel entirely satisfying to see ‘X / (random) Y loaded’ for 10 minutes even though it’s probably already done. Is it actually still downloading metadata or is it only checking if everything is loaded. In any case, it would be nice to scan for changes and to see ‘Finished’ or something like that, to signify it’s done.

Could anyone explain this to me?

Keep up the good work!

Infuse fetches metadata in a few separate phases, each phase fetching a bit of different info.

For example, one phase fetches artwork and metadata from TMDb/TheTVDb, another phases fetches updated watched history from trakt, another phase extras details like length/resolution from the video itself, and so on… Infuse breaks it up in this way so we can show content in the Library quicker, and the slower (less important tasks) are pushed to the end.

Alright, but when it goes quickly through them, in steps of 10-20, it’s probably only checking right?

It really depends. Some of the steps are fast, others are slow.

We’re currently using the ‘fetching metadata…’ status to describe almost all the steps, though we may look at providing a bit more info on which step is actually in progress for a future update.

So just to be sure, is there an actual ‘Finished’ status? If not, it would be nice to have some kind of confirmation that it’s done.

Yes, when complete you’ll see something like - ‘Last Scanned: 11:36 am’

Ok, good to know. In that case I think it would be a big improvement to distinguish between ‘checking’ and ‘downloading’ in the status. It would clear up a lot of confusion.

I’ll pass along your feedback. Thanks!

Now that I am getting my library polished up. I am loving this app even more. I ended up stripping all the metadata from my files and it really flies now. I use it to stream from Google Drive. The cloud streaming was what sold me on Infuse.