How does streaming with Infuse work?

There is one thing I really don´t understand when it´s about streaming.

When you have your file on a NAS or anything else and grap it via Infuse
and then stream it to where you want to have it (TV, Apple TV, Chromcast, or whatever),
how is the way for the file?

Is it from the NAS directly to the player or is the file groing from NAS --> Infuse --> Player?

It goes NAS --> Infuse --> Apple TV.

However, it’s just streaming through the Infuse app and not taking up any space on your device.

I have tried the basic Infuse 3 and it finds my NAS and streaming HD video to my Iphone works great. Now I´m eager to try air play and get it on the big screen via an ATV3 (i.e buy pro-version)… but if file goes from NAS -> Iphone -> ATV3 wouldn´t it consume twice the bandwith on my wifi?

NAS->WiFi Router->iOS device->Wifi Router->Wire to ATV 3 ?

(I have my ATV3 wire connected to offload the wifi when using ATV native airplay e.g youtube)

Is there a gain in air play compared to screen mirroring more then utilizing the full screen of the TV?

We’ve streamed some pretty large files (~12GB) from a NAS to an ATV2/ATV3 using AirPlay in Infuse with pretty good results. This was done on reasonably good Wi-Fi (802.11n) and not the faster 802.11ac spec which in theory would work even better.

Native AirPlay will provide dramatically better quality (and battery life) compared to mirroring.

I have a similar question, just wanted to ensure that this is the expected outcome.

I have a movie saved on my iPad which I launch from Infuse and AirPlay the movie it plays on my Apple TV and then I’m able to lock the screen of my iPad with no issues.

However, if I attempt to play something through Infuse that is not stored directly on the iPad e.g. from an SMB share to my NAS and I need to enable mirroring on my iPad in order to AirPlay it to my Apple TV and as soon as I lock the screen the movies pauses.

If this is correct, how come local media can be sent to an Apple TV and you can lock the screen etc but using Infuse to stream content from another location requires the device to be unlocked?

Actually, it depends on the video type.

Just about anything that is h.264 based (even MKVs) can be streamed over native AirPlay where you’ll have all the bells and whistles (background playback, control on Apple TV, etc…).

Some of the other more obscure formats will require mirroring, so the iPad will need to remain on with Infuse open for these to be played.

Hi James

Streaming using AirPlay from USB hard disk attached to Airport Extreme --> iPhone6 [Infuse] --> ATV 3. I experience the stream is pausing every ten minutes or so. Looks like a buffer is being build. Is that the case?

The stream starts again automatically. I have tried restarting iPhone and ATV and also switched off all other units using wifi.

What is happening and where should I focus if I want to make Infuse usable?