How do you Stream Content thru this?

Hello All, I am a newbie to this and just had some questions. I just recently patched my Atv (2.2) and have it up and running. But i thought that will enable for me to play avi, divx etc files. But so far i’m unable to do it. Here are my questions:

1.) I have content that plays in Itunes but does not play on Atv. Can this be fixed? Could i play content directly from itunes on to Atv?
2.) Or do i have to load each file on the the Atv to play it.

Thanks for your help.

You can copy your media to the Apple TV’s Movies folder via FTP, play movies from an attached hard drive, or stream them from a network device.

The guide included with the aTV Flash discusses how to connect via FTP, the other two options can be enabled by following the guide at:

Ok thanks, but is there a way to play a content that is already in your itunes (xvid) to play it via the Atv like anything else.

For ex. I have a Music Video in Xvid format that plays in my itunes, i can browse that same video in Atv in Music Videos, but whenever i select it to play it thinks for a bit and then gives error saying that “Theres a error in content of the file”.

Is there a way to play those directly from itunes? Thanks