How do you sort youre movies?

Just for ideas - i would like to know how you arr sorting your Movies.

I have:
Tv shows
Movies boxes

But there are so much nice art work out there i would like to use, but i still need it to be rather simple.
Do you use genres?

I just have a Movies folder and a TV Show folder. I stopped doing artwork since it was too much work and didn’t really matter. All I save is the video file.

I have:
Movies Kids
Movies+ (PIN protected)
TV+ (PIN protected)
TV Sports

All artwork and metadata is downloaded from Infuse nominated sources expect for TV sports where I provide xml and jpgs myself.
Any stuff that should not been seen by kids < 16 goes into the protected folders. Infuse manages this for both direct folder and library access.
I only use genres in the library if i am in the mood for some back catalogue material.
Still hanging out for sorting/viewing by director (and maybe actor).

1000+ movies, 3000 TV episodes, all works really really well!
Love Infuse !!!