How do you set up collections


I am new to Infuse 5 (on the trial currently). I am liking the application a lot so far. One thing I am trying to learn is how to work (setup) collections. I have 3 movies that I want to make a collections for. I have found the collection on TMDb’s website, but I am not sure how to make it show as a collection in the Library. I have each movie in it’s own folder and they are showing up as individual movies in the Library now. What steps do I need to take to make them show as a collection?


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Collections will be set up automatically (as long as there is an entry on TMDb) and can be accessed through Library > All Movies or Library > Collections.

The one limitation here Collections are not available when streaming from Plex, but this is a feature we will have available in a future update.

Thanks James,

About 5 min after I posted this I found where the collections are. A suggestion if I may… on the Apple TV perhaps have a new section (say under Recently Added) showing a list of collections.

One more question I have… for some movies I have TMDb has more than one poster, is there a way in Infuse to select which poster to use?


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