How do you play a multi-file movie in Infuse?


New to Infuse and love that I can get DTS/DTS-HD audio thru this app on my Apple TV 4K. However I just noticed that Infuse won’t play multi-file movies.

I have The Lord of the Rings Extended versions on my Plex VPS and it is ripped into 2 files. I named them according to the Plex naming standards ( but Infuse stops after the first file. The movie plays fine in the native Plex app. Has anyone else had this issue or have a fix for this, or do we need to wait for Infuse to fix this issue?

Welcome to the forum!

Multi-part file support isn’t available just yet, but is something we hope to support in a future update.

Thanks for the response James. I’m surprised this doesnt work. I thought it was up to the server to play multi-part files but I guess not. Any idea as to when this would be implemented? The main reason I went with Infuse was so that I could get HD audio thru my Apple TV. While I could always use the native Plex app on my Nvidia Shield, I was hoping that Infuse would support this and I could stay within the Apple eco-system.