How do you plan to integrate the Media Player in new Interface


I would like to know, how you would like to integrate the Mediaplayer in the new Interface. I really dislike since ATV2 that “my Movies” and “My TV Shows” is not part of the Movies and TV Show “Tab”/“Button” like it was on the ATV1 i own. :frowning:

Before I buy ATV Flash black (now that there is german localization) I would like to know if there are any plans to integrate the Mediaplayer in the existing Movies or TV Shows Tab/Button? In Movies and TV SHows there is now a Section purchased/rented, would it be possible to plugin here with “My Movies” say Mediaplayer?

If this would be possible it would be great. Mybe iot should be possible to combine Shares in one “Source” as XBMC is doing and then plugin this Source into the existing Movies and/or TV SHows App.

It would be great if you could give me a short feedback what you plan to do. :frowning:

Maybe it is the wrong place here and this is more feature suggestnion, so feel free to move this Topic :frowning:




It’s not 100% clear yet what the final implementation will look like yet, but most likely what will happen (at least initially) is Media Player will get its own ‘button’ in the main menu.

We’ll have more info in the coming days/weeks.