how do you install firefox on atv

Hi all,

I have just installed atv flash and it is a excellent software, but i would love to know if anyone has installed firefox on it ?
How in great detail please, step by step.



Hi Jonny,

I’m in exactly the same boat ~ I have couch surfer working well, but would love it if I could get Firefox working. Just incase you haven’t already been there, the folks at AwkwardTV have a step by step guide, but it requires more Terminal savvy than I possess. You can find it at:

I get stuck at the “Install and Configure AwkwardTV Applications Menu” step. Let me know if you have any luck, and I second your request for any successful Firefox installers to please post away!


Installing Firefox is quite simple actually.

With the aTV Flash installed, simply walk through the following steps.

  1. Enable USB Port access (for keyboard/mouse) here:
  2. Connect to the Apple TV with Cyberduck.
  3. Create a folder named ‘Applications’ if not already present (this will be in the same directory as atvflash, Documents, Library etc).
  4. Copy the Firefox application to the Applications directory you just created.
  5. Launch Firefox through DVD > Applications

I’ve also copied this guide to the Knowledgebase section for future reference.

Thank you, it works. yeppppppppp :smiley: