How do you get the Mobile Air Mouse to work!

Everything seem’s to have installed ok, I can see the app and its enabled and when i start the iPod Touch it says its connected but nothing happens.
Anyone know how to use it?


Control with Mobile Air Mouse is currently limited to applications launched through the nitoTV → Applications menu.

I have installed the airmouse and it shows up in applications under nito. Selecting that application brings me to a black screen with an apple in the middle and a very thin white line across the top of the screen almost as though there is a white bar across the top that is mostly off the screen. I have checked video settings and I am set at 1080p. While in the airmouse app I can have my iPhone find the AppleTV and you can move the pointer I have opened the preferences screen but did not change anything. If I back out of that app to select firefox I instantly loose the airmouse connection. There may be port or password problems as I saw something flash by - a screen with those settings. Nothing further happens by staying in the airmouse app. I have tried both copies of airmouse free and pro. I have deleted and reinstalled airmouse and have rebooted the Appletv. Maybe a keyboard is the next step unless it takes over the USB for itself. This program is a huge improvement for the AppleTV and even if I never get the airmouse to work I’m sold. Can anyone help me get the airmouse working under Nito. I understand that’s the only place it will work.

You will actually want to enable Mobile Air Mouse through the Maintenance → Settings menu. This will keep in running in the background so it can be used for applications such as Firefox.