How do you get menu front end instead of icons front end?

Am hoping this is the right place to post this. I recently jailbroke my Apple TV 2 unit with the non tethered Seas0npass software. This installed OS 5.3 on my unit. It worked perfectly - so am happy about that part.

However I seem to recall when I jailbroke an Apple TV 2 unit in the past the front end UI was all menu based, like this

But with this jailbreak all I have is ‘icons’ for my frontend, like this

Call me pernickety but I liked the menu system and don’t like this icon approach. Is there any way of changing the Apple TV front end back to the menu system (was it called Lowtide?).

Apple changed the ATV2 interface to the icon based one some time ago…

You can only revert to the Menu based interface by reverting to earlier versions of the firmware (and you need to have saved blobs for the target release to be able to do that).

Oh balls, that’s disappointing. I certainly did not keep the blobs before I jailbroke the device. So there is no way reverting back to a previous version of the firmware?

Correct. Without saved blobs you cannot revert to an earlier firmware release.