How do you get different region copies of the same TV series to display differently?

If I had a copy of Birdman (US) and Birdman (JP), how could I get them to show up differently in infuse? It looks like this whole ecosystem assumes the region of your device is the region of all of the media.

Infuse doesn’t check region as far as I know. If you want to see a different presentation or a different name you can always create a special nfo file for one of the two and add custom artwork if needed. Just give that one a new name and create the info file for that name.

You can find a sample xml file here

The problem is if you use a different name, thetvdb won’t be picked up and it won’t be displayed correctly.

I already tried manually doing the metadata and have spend many hours trying to get that working. I haven’t tried the nfo yet though.

Because the search is named focus, I can’t have two different files existing in the same space. :-/

Are these tittles listed separately on

What is the name of the movie you’re trying to have two regions of?

I’ve made some progress in what I am trying to do by just uploading two different series. (One with an English name and one with a Japanese name.)

That seems to be the test bet where it counts. Right now I don’t have two different versions of movies. (Though I used to when it came to game collecting.)

I think I have my solution worked out for this. Thank you

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