How do you get a wireless keyboard to work

Which ones are the best? How is it set up? And how does it show on ATV’s menus?

Any RF wireless keyboard should be fine. After running the Smart Installer ( you will also want to install Keyboard Magic through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu.

I have an HP Elite Wireless Keyboard (RF 2.4 Ghz). Its USB transmitter dongle appears not to work with the ATV. Has anyone gotten one to work?


I have now tried two keyboards with no long. Now sure what I am doing wrong but starting to piss me off a weeeee bit lol.

I am using an RF Logitech keyboard and mouse and they both work flawlessly.  The keyboard sits on the coffee table and can be used to navigate all the menus in place of your remote.

My only caveat is that if you want the keyboard to work properly in Boxee, you will have to modify the /Applications/  The problem is that the direction keys, Enter, and Escape keys will be input twice as it is repeating the remote commands.  So you will have to use nano to edit the keyboard.xml file and remove all the <left>,<right>,<up>,<down>,<return>,<escape> strings.




My wireless keyboard/mouse is a Logitech MK 250; cheap and works well

After following Max's instructions above, my Logitech deNovo Mini works flawlessly.

Max, or anyone,

Thank you for the Keyboard Magic note, I have that installed. My question has to do with how to get the keyboard to transmit to the ATV. Do I need to plug a dongle into the USB port? If so, how do I load files from a thumb drive while I am using the keyboard?

Thank you!