How do you disable Picture-in-Picture on tvOS

Just updated to 6.5.3.

Some people might find it useful. I don’t.

For me it totally destroys the once-excellent playback interface.

I’m not talking about exiting from PiP mode - I need a way to turn this off permanently.

(Unless of course I’ve missed the setting, in which case please enlighten me!)



Not… I looked into it as well


i don’t like it as well and would like to have an option to disable and hide it. For me it destroys totally the fantastic and easy to use playback. Every 2nd time I go back or forward in the movie, I hit the PIP button unwanted cause it’s so close to the „timeline“.
Please give us the option to disable it. Thank you.

Greetings Marc


Call Apple… Firecore cannot undo things in the OS

It’s not the OS it’s the app and it was perfectly fine without it

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It’s an optional feature developers can implement into their apps. And INFUSE could also add an option to toggle it on/off in settings but AFAIK has no intentions in doing so.


I also don’t need this PiP Feature!
Please make a Toggle to disable it completely…


This is incorrect. It is an OS feature, but as a developer you can choose to adopt it or choose not to.

For the majority of people - particularly on Apple TV - it is not a useful feature. It severely compromises the playback screen. Everyone I spoken to about the way that screen now works in Infuse thinks it is a ‘serious bug’.


I agree, and I’ve asked a few people what the think about it… ‘serious bug’ was the consensus. The way the trackpad pointer is essentially captured by the PIP button with no obvious way it has happened


PiP is an absolute useless Feature! I don’t understand why Firecore has implemented this and give us no choice to disable this trash… the Button is annoying and the use of a tiny Window is really dubious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


One mans trash is another mans treasure.

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Well I don’t see a use-case for it - even if the implementation didn’t destroy the once-great playback screen. But maybe there are some that do?

Anyone want to defend PiP? What do you use it for? How do you use it?


I have created a Suggestion for a Toggle to disable PiP :wink::+1:

Please vote here:


Not defending it (yet) but the ability to see a baby monitor or security cam while watching a video does have an appeal to me.

I guess we’ll see… I have asked.

I don’t see a use for it. I can’t think of a use for it even!

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Wouldn’t them mean the baby monitor needed to support PiP, though - not Infuse?


No, if you watching a movie and want to check on the child you’d be in Infuse and then bring up the PiP for the baby monitor.

Some Users like this Feature other don’t like it…
But it’s not fair to impose this for all Users…
A Possibility to deactivate PiP is the Solution to please everyone :wink::+1:


Just about EVERY feature in Infuse is not liked or needed by SOMEONE, if every feature was a toggle it’d take the entire app size just for the feature toggle programing.