How do you boot tethered without power?

What i dont understand is.......when you jailbreak, and if you manage to get Seasonpass installed, when you unplug your ATV from your Mac/PC and return it to your living room, how do you manage to boot it up again? as it is not plugged into a powersource. 

There are two parts to the process.

1. Jailbreak - a one-time process that restores the AppleTV in iTunes using a custom firmware.

2. Tethered boot - this step needs to be repeated anytime the AppleTV loses power.

More details here:

But do you also have to perform a tethered boot when you install the aTV black or modules (which I understand will reboot the device).

Or because power is still connected, is this type of reboot ok (without tether).

Just trying to understand before I go ahead with this part (I'm jb and tether booted already). 



No, you can install aTV Flash (black) or let the AppleTV go into sleep mode without having to redo the tethered boot.

As long as your don't physically disconnect the AppleTV from it's power source you'll be ok.

Great thanks. 

Just need to get atv flash dmg download to work (gives me permission denied for which I have a direct support case opened for) and I'll stick it on.

if you can’t disconnect the power source, then how do you get it from the room where your pc is to the room where your tv setup is?
If it is put into sleep mode does it hold some of the power? In sleep mode, is it ok to disconnect the power source then power back up in another room?

Nope - as soon as you disconnect the powercord the device is OFF and needs to boot up (tethered) after reconnecting the power cord.

So basically, your PC/Mac has to be right next to your ATV to do this process?