How do you add something back to Library Favorites?

I’ve got 5.7.1 on my iphone 7 and atv4k. I only have it connected to my Plex server. Works great but I noticed on phone that if you remove something from the library view, there is no way to add it back.

For example, Library view has Movies and TV Shows category. Tap on either one and 3 subcategories are listed; Recently Added, Unwatched, and All Movies/TV Shows. Tap on one of these headers, say All Movies. You then get a view with a “…” in the upper-right, tapping on that gives you an option to Remove from Favorites. If you select that, I cannot find a way to basically undo it. There is no option to add to Favorites for Recently/Unwatched/All.

If I go to Settings, Add Files, select my Plex server from Saved Shares; it lists my Plex libraries but there is no “All Movies” selection to favorite. I can star/unstar my Movies library but that doesn’t re-favorite the All that we previously removed. If instead from Settings I go to Library, there is only the option to select/de-select All Content which doesn’t fix it either.

I do know that all of this works fine on ATV, but on phone iOS I do not see a way.

Also have a little issue with the first item at the top of Library view is a tv series that will not remove itself. It has not been recently added, recently watched, or unwatched. Items listed after it are correct in that they are the most recently added items. But the very first item is stuck and never clears, its a season of a tv show that I have watched every episode. Plex server itself does not think its on deck or unwatched.

On iOS, Library categories can be accessed through the Search/Browse screen, which is found by tapping the Search icon from the lower nav bar.

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