How do I watch movies from my USB harddrive?

I have looked around all over the place. I have an external USB hard drive plugged up to my Apple TV running aTV Flash 3.3.3 I was wondering how I can watch movies that are stored on my USB hard drive? This is the main reason I bought the aTV and I can’t seem to figure how to do it. Any help would be great.

Thank you.

Is usb support enabled? (Knowledgebase!)
after that
Nito -> files (given the file formats are supported)

How would I go about installing USB support? I installed “Turbos Ktext” I think its called and I’m pretty sure that was it. What format does the external hard drive have to be?


formats: hfs+ and ntfs are working fine on my system

OK I did what you said and I installed the smart installer and everything. I then plugged in my external USB drive and the Apple TV didn’t see it. I went to nitoTV > Files and it says “The folder is empty or has no files with supported suffixes” After researching I found out suffixes are really codecs but I have mplayer and Perian installed the movie I’m trying to play is just an .avi its nothing weird. Thank you for all your help so far.

Ok, just to be sure:

  1. Comboupdater (md5 2c579f52ad69d12d95ea82ee3d9c4937) in frontrow/documents
  2. smart installer
  3. reboot

do you have a different hdd to try? it should be visible in nito/files whether or not valid files are present. which format is the drive? hfs+ to be sure

suffixes are not codecs btw.

I did the combo updater and everything. When I went to the files tab in nitoTV it says “The folder is empty or has no files with supported suffixes”. The drive I am using is NTFS I can’t format it as HFS+ because my MacBook Pro is in the shop right now. I don’t have any other harddrives I can try. I have tried to plug in the harddrive when the Apple TV was on and I still get the same error so I thought that it might be because I was plugging the harddrive while the Apple TV was on but I unplugged the Apple TV and then plugged in my harddrive then booted it up and I still get the same error so I have no idea whats going on. This is the only reason I bought this so I could watch my downloaded movies on my Apple TV.