How do I use Couch Surfer

G’Day to all
just got aTV Flash yesterday and I think its a cool product. I am really keen to use the Couch Surfer on my HD TV.

I have enabled various plug ins etc since the install. I can jump on the App and I can get to the webpage I want to use.
Once I am on the page ( or this is what happens

  1. The entire webpage scrolls ‘down’ to the bottom. I can’t seem to make the page stay at the top at all. The default seems to be that it goes to the bottom of the webpage

  2. I can enable the mouse to click any where on the page so I can ‘surf’ - I have tried both the Apple Remote via Iphone and the Apple TV Remote.

So I am stuck - and I am really keen to use by HD TV to surf the net

Any Info on this would be great.