How do I 'upgrade' my apple tv 2. to ios 6 and keep jailbreak

OK, please excuse my ignorance here.

I wish to update my appletv to the latest firmware as I believe that XBMC is now running on it. How do I a) upgrade my apple tv?

Do I do it through apple? Will I have to re-jailbreak my appletv once I have updated the firmware?

b) Should I update XBMC before or AFTER the firmware update?


If anybody has done this I’d be interested to know their experience.

Answers please…:smiley:

You need to rejailbreak the device and set everything up again. Sort of a nuisance but it is what it is.

It is like this with every other iDevice. If it is jailbroken and you want to update the software then you need to rejailbreak it.