How do I upgrade ATVflash that has External HD as Primary

What is the proper procedure to upgrade ATVflash when the AppleTv has an external HD set as Primary HD? Obviously I need to disconnect the External HD in order to use patch stick.

I know I can probably Factory Restore AppleTV, upgrade version, then install ATV Flash and re-enable drive as primary, but then I would have to resync music & pictures, etc. Is there a way to upgrade and not have to do a Factory Restore?

It depends what you are updating.

If updating the Apple TV software, unfortunately you’ll need to start over. 1. Install update. 2. Re-install aTV Flash. 3. Setup USB drive as primary.

If updating just the aTV Flash software, you should be able to retain your USB primary drive setup. However, this would require the use of a USB hub so that both the USB hard drive and flash drive can be connected at the same time.

Note: We have not tested either of these scenarios, so you may want to assume you’ll need to setup the primary drive all over again either way.