How do I update from an untehthered ATV flash to the newest v4.4.4 please (noob!)

I have my aTV black running the untethered version. I now see the newest version is out, with Airplay mirroring etc. Great I really need this.


So (noob alert), How do I upgrade to the latest please? normally when an update is out I goto Maintenance and update from there, can I do this this time? I bought ATV flash as its a great all in one install


step by step is great


You effectivly have to start all over again so:

Download the latest seasonpass to Jailbreak

Jailbreak the aTV

Run the atv 1.1.1 install again.

Job done!

You have to repeat the jailbreak process with the new SeasonPass, and then re-install the FireCore applications via the FireCore installe on your PC/Macr, and then the specific apps you use via the Maintenance menu…

Before you start this, I would advise you to use the Manage Backups option on the Miantenance menu to create a backup of your current settings and metadata. Then when you have the new firmware in place and have re-installed the FireCore software you can use the same option to restore all the settings that you have just backed up. This saves a lot of time as otherwise you would have to set everything up again from scratch.

ah I was afraid of this!! thanks for the prompt replies.

I’m a bit nervous of this, will have to get everything setup again then, to do it. I was hoping for just a simple update, is there a reason it has to be totally done from afresh?


thanks for that didn't know about this! :)


backed up (basic, as full keep crashing), ran season pass v4.4.4, ran aTVFlash v1.1.1, recovered fro backup, and everything was sweet as, thanks, now I have cinema trailers, and airplay mirroring.

cheers  :)


did you have xbmc installed? did the backup keep your settings?