How do I uninstall aTV Flash?

After playing around with the aTV Flash hack I’ve come to realize it’s not for me. I can not bear the menu lags and some menu items that are not for the average user. I was only interested in having a pain-free way to play AVI and DVD files on the Apple TV but this hack is not worth the pain it comes with.

How do I uninstall the hack and revert the ATV back to the way it was?

You can only uninstall aTV Flash by restoring the AppleTV. I’m really sorry to see you are having so many problems, have you tried talking to the aTV Flash support staff?

After 3 attempts yesterday, I finally was able to download a copy of the ATVFlash zip file (v-e-r-y slow server). Now, I decided to buy ATVFlash only because I wanted to restore some of my original media files (the external HDD where I had my iTunes Library was fried after a blackout and some files were lost or unusable). Moreover, I am not interested in all the other plugins. Anyways, I twice created a flash drive with the very basic software (no plug ins), but ATVFlash was not loaded on my ATV. So then I created a new copy of the flash drive including some plug ins and it finally loaded the software … but (similar to SubSonicMortal experience) my ATV has become very unresponsive (almost a brick actually). Certainly not the value I expected from my money. On the other hand, I think that $50 dollars is way too much money for a software that gives you limited access to a very cryptic drive, and unable to recognize your original media files by their original names. The support pages for ATVFlash (this Forum, the wikis) are not very friendly with instructions on the correct procedures to retrieve media files. I understand Apple has a lot of responsibility on this, but instead of trying to add more plug ins to ATVFlash I would be happy if I could get a very simple disk and file management utility with this software. I feel that I have wasted my money on a “not so friendly and easy-to-use” app that has almost bricked my ATV and is not helpful with retrieving my lost media files. I would very welcomed a proper help page and complete documentation that explains ‘for dummies’ the easiest procedure to retrieve any lost media files, since right now I can’t restore my ATV to factory settings because it will erase all my synced content. Any comment will be highly appreciated.