How do I stream video from a network drive (Drobo)?

I have the same setup. Install eyeconnect from Elgato if you using OS X.
Works perfectly with Media Cloud.

Thanks for the info about EyeConnect, it looks great! I’ve installed it and can set additional folders for my media on my Drobo and see them in MediaCloud on my AppleTV. Is there a way to integrate this with nitoTV and Sapphire?


I can now see my networked Drobo from nitoTV. Yeah!

With a little inspiration from arwalke in a different post, I did the following:

Downloaded the Mac OSX 10.4.9 Combo Updater image from the Apple site
Uploaded the image to the Documents folder of my AppleTV using Fugu
Ran the kextloader installer from the nitoTV settings
Ran the Smart Installer from the nitoTV settings
Set up my mounts in the Network section of nitoTV using SMB as my Mount Type

I did not do any factory reset of my AppleTV or bump in down to a different version. I’m using AppleTV 2.0.2 with ATV Flash 3.0.

So I have EyeConnect running and pointed to a movies folder on the Drobo. What is the next step in getting ATV to play these files on the Networked DroboShare disk?


Great Product from AppleCore. Thanks James!!!

Barron - I am inexperienced in all of this - could you explain in a little more detail the process for getting the 10.4.9 combo updater onto the AppleTV - is it the dmg or the pkg within that you copy over to documents? What are the kextloader and Smart installer processes - apologies for this - is there another post or site showing the process - everythung I search for seems to deal in terminal instructions rather than fugu which I feel more comfortable with. I also just want to make sure this is the process that will allow me to stream media files from my Mac and connected drives to my Apple TV. At the moment I can set up a network setting in nitoTV pointing to the Mac HDD but it can't see anything within it. I need a solution that lets me access the files on the Mac and attached external drives. cheers reid007

reid007, look here:

For a description of how to use NitoTV to (in theory) mount an AFP server from your Mac that can be accessed by the ATV once ATV Flash is installed and working. Keep in mind that the latest v3.1 ATV Flash software now names NitoTV as DVD, a small problem as I have discovered.

The awkwardtv wiki explains what/where to copy (using Fugu) to /Documents on your ATV, talks about running KextLoader and Smart Install from NitoTV (aka DVD, tho lord knows why AppleCoreLLC changed the name).

I say theoretically because a. you need a recovery.dmg file which you can only create if you have a v1 ATV (I don’t). If not you have to ‘find one’ in cyberspace.

And b. because I believe I have done everything needed (and I do ‘SEE’ my Shared drive in the NitoTV Files screen…) but I can’t access it! I get the oft bemoaned ‘error -1069 server not available’ message. No joy yet, tho I keep scouring the net to find an answer that works.