How do I stop Infuse from scrubbing left when I'm scrubbing right?

I have an ATV 4. Since Infuse was updated to work with the new ATV remote, it’s not working as well for me with the old touchpad remote.

For whatever reason, when I want to jump ahead or backwards while watching a video, a weird circular cursor appears and then it scrubs in the opposite direction that I want to go. It’s aggravating as hell.

Is there a way to disable the ATV 4K remote support and to just support the older remote? It would be great if Infuse could detect which ATV a person is using and just provide features for that specific report.

Or is there a way to scrub using the old remote without trigger than circular remote feature that I assume is designed for the new remote?

The jog wheel scrubbing feature is activated by resting your finger on the outer edge of the touch surface, and then moving in a circular motion.

If you prefer to use normal scrubbing (on either remote) you can avoid activating job wheel scrubbing by simply pausing the video and swiping left/right (without first resting your finger on the edge).

OK, I understand now. I couldn’t figure out how I was triggering it.

Thank you.

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