How do I select the first unread post in a thread?

How do I jump to the first new reply in a topic from the top of the page? I gather there are red dots showing new entries, but going to the bottom and paging up doesn’t show me, and I am not in the mood to scroll 450 entries on an iPad…

I don’t have the iOS version of the forum software but doesn’t it go to the first unread when you open a thread like the web based reader does?

Normally, it should shoot you to the first reply you haven’t read…but due to the transition it may not be aware of what you have and haven’t read.

If you want to just jump to the end, you can tap the time/day of the last reply that appears in the scroller bar on the right.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.26.37 PM

It could be that it jumps to the first unread, it did in this case at least. I’ll check it out.

Thanks so far