How do I remove a manual install XBMC?


I installed XBMC using apt-get, but now I plan on switching to aTV flash as the beta (hopefully) nears playback of other file formats.

So how do I cleanly uninstall XBMC? I didn't use aTV Flash to install it initially but want it to be fully removed before I install aTV Flash.


Actually if you install aTV Flash (black) XBMC will appear as 'installed' in the Manage Extras menu. To remove it simply highlight it and press the right arrow button (>>).

Alternatively you can remove it manually via ssh by using the command below.

apt-get removeĀ org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2

Thanks Max, I purchased aTV Flash (black) and removed XBMC like you said.

I guess I won't need the pre-sales forum any more :)