How Do I play Jaman from my AppleTV?

Ok, I signed up for a Jaman account, downloaded and installed the player (for Mac), turned on syncing, and rented a movie from Jaman. It has downloaded on my Jaman player, but when I access the Jaman section via the AppleTV, I can’t find the movie I rented. I see several DVD images I FTP-ed to the Movies folder on the AppleTV, but I don’t see my rented movie. Syncing is turned on, and Jaman in the AppleTV says it is synced with my AppleTV but I still can’t see my rented movie (Nosferatu). How can I watch Nosferatu on my AppleTV? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


For transferring rented movies, you will need to go into the options menu in the Cofigure Jaman TV window. There select the ‘Transfer Movie Rentals’ button, there you can select which movies to transfer to the Apple TV.

Thanks, it works!

Huh, now after the aTVFlash 3.4.1 patch, Jaman is gone. Where is it?