How do I play a DVD?

I have aTV 3.4.5 and my macbook pro running Leopard 10.5.6. What steps do I need to take to play a movie on a commercial DVD thru the Apple TV? I have copied a homemade movie on a DVD by uploading that Video_TS folder to the “movies” folder on the Apple TV (using CyberDuck), and that movie played fine. When I try to do the same with the commercial DVD, I get error messages and permission problem messages. Do I have to copy the Video_TS from the commercial DVD to the movies folder? I would like to just stream the commercial DVD movie from my macbook pro directly thru rhe Apple TV rather than copying it to the Apple TV. Can I do that, and what are the specific steps to do it? In NitoTV settings, I see “DVD Import Destination” (it is set to “DVD”. I don’t know what that means.

Thanks for any help.

After having tried a lot of media players that are supposed to be capable of streaming video through your home network I finally bought the AppleTV because of the HardDisc and perfect synchronisation with iTunes. My advice would be not to try to stream DVD quality videos. Just copy it and play it locally. Unless you wish to spend a lot of time setting up network shares and hope for jerky free playback that does not crash half way during the movie, which gives you another problem to try to ffwd to the location where it stopped last time. It is a pain and will probably remain for a while. You will hear people being really happy they succeeded in streaming from their PC or MAC and others who were smashed their head against the wall, because they could not manage to get it working.

Just my two cents.

I really misunderstood and thought that one the programs atvflash sets up would allow that streaming, essentially making my macbook pro my wireless DVD player. My head has now been smashed against the wall, so I am going to give up on that idea. If I understand “playing locally”, that means that I have to copy the DVD contents with an app intended for that, then using Cyberduck or whatever, copy that resultant file to the “movies” folder on my apple tv.

Maybe I am missing something here, but why wouldn’t I just use Handbrake to convert the DVD to an apple tv format, copy that to iTunes, and stream from there? For one thing, I guess that means my macbook would have to be on with iTunes open.

Thanks for answering my question and for any more enlightenment…


DVD’s can actually be streamed quite well. This is best done over a wired network. Just follow the guide below to run the nitoTV Smart Installer and setup a share point.