How do I manually set Grid/List for Films and TV folders, bypassing Defaults?



I notice I can set the default view type for the Films and TV folders in Media Browser, which then sets the viewtype for everything within those folders. If I want to change the view type for contents, I can do so manually holding down the select button until I get the options up.


I want all films and TV shows to display with the Grid view. But within each film and show, especially shows, I want everything in List view (seasons and episodes). 


It seems the only way to achieve this is to set the default view type for Films and TV to Grid, then go through every show manually switching to List view. 


A much quicker way to achieve this would be to set the default view to List then go and change the Films and TV folders to Grid. However, I cannot find any way to manually set the view type for just those two folders. They only seem to answer to the Default view type. Long-holding the select button on the Films or TV folder names anywhere in Media Browser doesn’t offer a way to change their view type.


Am I missing something? Cheers!

Unfortunately I think that you have to do what you are currently doing … It is what I am doing and it is a bit of a pain.